The Divorce Ceremony

Sadly One in Four weddings end up in divorce.
Although I've performed over 1200 wedding ceremonies and been extremely popular doing these ceremonies, I have been requested by friends to write a book on Divorce Ceremonies.

Example of a Divorce Ceremony?

This example below is a brief example of a Divorce Ceremony contained in The Divorce Ceremony Book. Many others are much longer than this example.

What happens at a Divorce Ceremony

The person conducting the Divorce Ceremony calls the person or couple requesting the ceremony to the front and to stand near him or her. The ceremony then starts and ends with the person or persons declaring that they are now divorced, single and unattached.

The ceremony is different from the wedding ceremony in that it is the reverse and is a severing from a relationship to not being in a relationship.

The example that I give in this website is taken from my book, "The Divorce Ceremony" and is given as an example. The other divorce ceremonies in the book, "The Divorce Ceremony" includes a Rose Ceremony, a Ceremony that includes the children from that marriage or relationship in total there are 7 divorce ceremonies along with tips, advice and suggestions, very similar to my Wedding Ceremony book.

Short Example of a Divorce Ceremony

This is the time which you have chosen to become a single person again. We that are here are here not only to witness your Divorce ceremony, but we are here to wish you every happiness in your future life.

When you were joined together you entered into the relationship with a commitment. This commitment enabled the establishment of a home, where you were at one time happy and where many memories will often linger with you, maybe for a long time or forever. The love and affection which you had for each other has now been extinguished and all of us gathered here today hope that from this moment on you may develop into a happy relationship with yourself.


Love is patient and is sometimes kind, and it can be jealous.
Love is boastful and conceited, it is often rude and selfish, it can take offence and is often resentful.
Love takes pleasure in other people's faults, and delights in the lies.
It is not ready to excuse, to trust, or to hope, true love does sometimes come to an end.
(Robert Joy)

Before you leave here today and go forward into your new life, I ask you to say a vow to yourself and to all present.


I ( Name) affirm desire and wish that my love for you (Name) is now extinguished and I invite all present to witness that my life is now changed and altered for the better. I promise always to respect my own needs. I will endeavor through kindness, unselfishness and trust to achieve the warm rich life I now look forward to. To this end, I call upon all present to witness that I now go forward as a single unattached person.

(In the event of both being present the same vows can be said by changing the names around)